1. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству в научно-исследовательских проектах.

2. Оказываем широкий спектр услуг через наших партнеров.

3. Проводим научно-популярные лекции по проблемам эниологии.

4. Осуществляем дополнительное образование специалистов различного профиля в области использования эниотехнологий для решения задач, связанных с их деятельностью.


1. Participants in our R&D projects  are most welcomed.

2. We offer a wide spectrum of services via our partners.

3.  We give lectures on eniology .

4. Advance education in using eniotechnologies in  a variety of applications.



1. INFRAS Academic and Research Laboratory of the Institute of Architecture and Arts of the South Federal University (Rostov-na-Donu)

Originated in July 2011 at the Department of Architecture of Public and Residential Buildings (initiated by  the Rostov Branch of  the International Academy of  Energy-Information Sciences). INFRAS Lab is dedicated to studying non-standard risk factors (NSRF) of different origin in architecture and construction.  Also, the Lab develops NSRF remediating technologies in view of buildings, structures, communications, flora and fauna, including man’s welfare. Basing on such technologies and NSFR properties, lab workers design buildings and structures, landscapes, town clusters, production facilities etc, develop teaching aids, invite students for R&D. See more at   http://www.raai.sfedu.ru/Uzeb_labor/Labor.html


 2. LIGHT-2 Medico-Ecological Company (Ufa)


The company manufacture IGA-1, the indicator of geological abnormalities applicable for multitasks purposes, including the detection of GAZs.  The company also does research basing on the instrument in order to modify its performance and expand application. See more at http://www.iga1.ru/pribor.html    



3. Geophizprognoz  (St. Petersburg) .


The company has developed an unrivalled method of seismic profiling.  The method enables a wide range of applications, including the modeling of geological profiles in GAZ locations, determination of their causes, intensity, behavior forecast. See more  at    http://www.newgeophys.spb.ru/ru/index.shtml


4. Lumentron (Donetsk, Ukraine)


The company develops and manufactures a few unique devices utilizing the effect of the form and the electromagnetic properties of materials. See details at  http://www.doctor1618.org.ua/


 5. Ecologiya Nepoznannovo Society (Moscow)


The non-formal group of researchers of abnormal activity, geoactive zones etc. They stick to orthodox science, never excluding other approaches. See details at http://aeninform.org/about


 6. Sibavtodrive LLC (Novosibirsk)


 The developer and producer of Superdrive, the specialized nanotechnological catalytic concentrate to reduce friction, increase the reliability and operational costs of ICE, mechanisms and equipment. See details at http://www.sibautodrive.ru/


7. Kremny-in-ru JSO (Moscow)


The developer and producer of autonomous power supply complexes, utilizing alternative, including solar, power sources. Initiated the Autonomous Green Settlements program. (more: http://www.silicon-in-ru.ru     and  http://www.ip-san-stream.ru    


8. Financial-Industrial Group RUSS-Intellect JSO (Moscow}


R&D in the filed of innovative projects aimed at gaining  the Russia’s international leadership in science and technology.