1. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству в научно-исследовательских проектах.

2. Оказываем широкий спектр услуг через наших партнеров.

3. Проводим научно-популярные лекции по проблемам эниологии.

4. Осуществляем дополнительное образование специалистов различного профиля в области использования эниотехнологий для решения задач, связанных с их деятельностью.


1. Participants in our R&D projects  are most welcomed.

2. We offer a wide spectrum of services via our partners.

3.  We give lectures on eniology .

4. Advance education in using eniotechnologies in  a variety of applications.



1. Terra  Project


This project is one of the most fundamental directions of the Academy’s activity. The project’s backbone is the study and monitoring of so called non-standard risk factors (NSRF) of different origin (primarily of geological and technological nature). The following problems are being studied here:


  • Research and monitoring of NSRF sources to find and track the dynamics of the changes in geoactive and technoactive zones, and their impact on flora and fauna, including that of man, and also on natural and technological objects.
  • The direct study of the impact processes in order to find the mechanism and the ways of controlling them, For example:

     a) changes in the electrical conductivity of the environment and materials may cause short circuits in electrical networks;

     b) structural changes of the environment may cause the change in the parameters of its processes (critical temperature of inflammation of materials may cause fire);

     c) changes in the strength characteristics of buildings, structure, and means of transportation may cause accidents).

·        Development of the ways and technological means of controlling the above processes.

·        R&D of the means of neutralizing NSRF of different origin basing on the principle of the effect  of  the form.

·        Development of the methods and means of controlling large-scale geophysical and atmospheric processes to prevent natural disasters and create a favorable human environment.


 The whole set of technologies utilized here is conditionally entitled the “Terra Technology”.  The project requires substantial resources to  create local and global monitoring systems, also utilizing  man-made satellites. However, the economical gains from the project would be incomparable larger than any investments, therefore international cooperation basing on inter-governmental agreements is strongly advisable.   Local problems should be solved at regional  levels and require much smaller investments.



 2. Orion Project


It’s another fundamentals direction of the Academy.  The heart of the project is the method of applying super-weak electromagnetic fields (SWEF) to liquid media to control its physicochemical  properties and parameters. The theoretical and practical basis has been developed by the Academy’s staff; some of the results were implemented as early as in the second half of the 20th century.  The theoretical and practical studies within the project are of fundamental nature aiming at the development of instruments, software and methods capable of treating the following practical tasks:

  •  control of the viscosity of liquid media (solutions, emulsions etc.) to solve ecological problems in the areas of technological accidents and disasters (e.g. oil and oil-product spills on water and land surfaces; technological contamination at drilling for oil, such as slime pools; etc.; 
  •  technological control of the parameters of liquid media, e.g. in pumping liquids along pipelines, from tanks, tankers and other sources) and also to maintain the required parameters of technological processes, e.g. fracturing liquid media, etc;
  •  control of the parameters of liquid biological media with living organisms (microorganisms, plants, animals and man) to solve some practical tasks of controlling their conditions, activity, and health;
  • of special value are the issues relating  to defense and national security in terms of controlling  human consciousness, activity and behavior, and also of controlling the reliability and performance of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems;
  • there is also a scope of problems lying beyond the limits of this site due to a number of reasons.

 This technology bears the working title of “Orion Technology”. It relates to energy-saving class as it requires minimal finance, material and power sources, especially when applied in practice.



3. Green Dwelling Project


The project aims at constructing ecological dwelling clusters and is closely related to Terra Project. The following issues are treated:


 a)  construction of architectural town-planning complexes in view of NSRF basing on the results of the monitoring of geopactive zones; a variety of energy-saving solutions and “effect-of-the form” structures.

 b) use of autonomous energy-saving systems basing on renewable energy and natural sources, including wind, solar, geothermal etc.;

 c) architectural solutions in view of NRF in the reconstruction of existing  landscape architecture and infrastructure in order to increase the local human safety and reliability of the buildings, structures and utility lines.



4. Simbiont Project


The project is designed for farming and landscape architectural purposes as it deals with plant growing. The  basis of the project is the production of  the concentrated waste product of the radical fungus of endophytic mycorrhiza for the following purposes:


a) decrease or completely eradicate nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers by boosting the direct  absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants from soil and air;

 b) decrease vegetation period up to 20 days;

c) increase the yield and quality of crops;

d) minimize, or even eradicate in some case, the share of toxic chemicals by means of stimulating the proper defense mechanisms in plants;

e) substantially reduce the production costs for growing crops, especially vegetables and vine cultures, and forage grasses, i.e. increase the profitability of agricultural production by gaining in quality and substantially decreasing processing costs.


The product obtained by using this technology is called Simbiont. It’s a  bio stimulator of plant growth. The production is low-cost and highly profitable as it requires no large production premises  or expensive machinery.



5. KOSHEB Project


This agricultural project is basing on the works of Academician N.V. Maltsev. The specially selected sorts of blackberry and seaberry make up part of the fruit-and-berry mix  (abbreviated names of  guilder rose, seaberry, hips, blackberry, and haw).

The dry mix is a concentrated source of vitamins and antioxidants, and also an effective immune stimulator. Applicable for making nutritious soft drinks.  No side effects, except idiosyncrasy to its separate components. Minimal production profitability amounts to 1000%. For a startup, we can offer an existing farm. A by-product was manufactured at the Rostov-na-Donu bottlers  as The Old Rostov Balsam. Tests proved a palpable health-improving effect in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases (respiratory, flue, cardiovascular, gastoenteric etc.) The dry mix can be used as part of humanitarian aid to groups of people suffering from long-term hunger and lack of vitamin to facilitate stamina and immune resistance.



6.  Reagent Project


This resource-and-energy saving technology lies in the basis of the project and now is being implemented. Production of Superdrive, the concentrated catalytic composition has started at Sibavtodrive LLC, Novosibirsk, Russia). The product is of nanotechnological nature as, at the molecular level, the product’s activity responds to the changes in operating conditions.

Applicable for auto, railroad, water, air means of transportation and also manufacturing processes, i.e.  wherever mechanical and chemical wear takes place. Superdrive may help to


  1. substantially decrease force of friction;
  2. substantially increase wear resistance of machinery and engine;
  3. decrease fuel and lubricant consumption;
  4. decrease 10-fold the amount of exhaust gases in internal combustion engines, etc.

Capital costs are only required for the  promotion and distribution, not for production. The use of the product is an essentially new kind of business in the market of servicing machinery. The project does not require substantial investments at the organizational stage, nor it  requires highly-qualified personnel which makes it especially viable in the countryside and the remote areas of Russia.