1. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству в научно-исследовательских проектах.

2. Оказываем широкий спектр услуг через наших партнеров.

3. Проводим научно-популярные лекции по проблемам эниологии.

4. Осуществляем дополнительное образование специалистов различного профиля в области использования эниотехнологий для решения задач, связанных с их деятельностью.


1. Participants in our R&D projects  are most welcomed.

2. We offer a wide spectrum of services via our partners.

3.  We give lectures on eniology .

4. Advance education in using eniotechnologies in  a variety of applications.



The South-Russia’s office of the International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences was set up in 2008 in the city of Rostov-na-Donu  following the resolution of the Presidential  Council of the Academy. One of the principal tasks of the Office is to manage and maintain R&D in the field of eniology.


We understand that this direction has been discredited lately by those both having little to do with science and even lacking the relevant education in the field.

However, it is virtually impossible to overestimate the practical gains achieved in this direction. Eniology did not come out of the blue, hence our mission is as follows: Innovations in science via continuity.


Miracles in science are just a reality unknown, which, in the hands of sophomores, acquires some mystic meaning. Our aim is to overcome negligence and  contribute to the system of studying the world around us.


Wishing you lots of good luck and success in this direction!


International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences (IAEIS)




The International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences (IAEIS) is a non-profit, public, creative, self-managed and self-financed institution of fundamental and applied research, training and certification of researchers in eniology.


Eniology is not only the sphere of scientific and universal sciences but also the name of the new interdisciplinary science born as the result of rethinking the latest achievements in natural sciences and  multumillenial experience of humanity in the sphere of the finest interaction of wild life and inanimate nature. Eniology is a tool for studying unidentified phenomena, processes, laws of energy and information nature, including the man.

Eniology bridges social, biological and cosmic spheres. It aims at developing ecology-friendly technologies basing on unique, unconventional principles and methods.


Being a  legal entity, IAEIS unifies on a voluntary basis scientists and authorities in the filed of eniology. Workers of culture and art, healers, businesspersons, who are willing to offer a helping hand and financial support, may become members of the Academy.





International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences (IAEIS)  was established basin on the Academy of Energy-Information Sciences (since 1990) with the headquarters in Moscow.


In order to  achieve the Academy’s main statutory goals and interests, its structure requires the bodies of scientific-organizational management and logistics.



The Academy’s decision-making bodies are Assembly, Presidential Council and Executive Senate.


The Academy includes The High Expert Council, the Interdisciplinary Coordination Science-Engineering  Council, Certification Council, and Unified Scientific Board, acting as scientific and consultative bodies.





The Academy’s research is performed by a variety of divisions:  industry research, regional (in Russia), and international offices or affiliates, research institutions, universities, and research centers.


IAEIS has launched 17 regional offices all over Russia, in St. Petersburg, Rostov-na-Donu, Vladivostok, Tomsk, Ryazan, Penza, Yekaterinburg, Petrozavodsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tver, Volgograd, Saratov, Miass, Perm, Izhevsk, Murmansk, Severodvinsk.


As an example, you can look into how some specific problems are solved at IAEIS  South-Russia’s  Regional Office on this site.